Writing advertisements for the sale of real estate

For prospective buyers, it is the first real point of contact with the property. Therefore, the exposé should definitely make them want more. Accordingly, a lot of effort should be put into the document. If the exposé is convincing, you will get enthusiastic prospective buyers.

What should be included in the exposé?

Size: The calculated living space is one of the most important clues for prospective buyers. Only if there is enough space will a property be considered for them.

Plot area: In addition to the living space, the associated plot of land is also of interest for a house. In this context, information from the building encumbrance register can also be of interest. Building restrictions are listed there. For example, are there rights of way or restrictions on use that limit building intentions further than the development plan would suggest?

Floor plans and building plans: The size and the area of the plot are one thing, but in the end they are pure numbers. Only when supplemented by floor plans and construction plans do the figures take on proportions - how much of the total area goes into which space? How much green space is available?

Location: When selling real estate, the location of the property plays an important role in determining the value. This map can be played out in the exposé. Shopping situation, access to local transport, schools and kindergartens. Everything that could play a role for residents can be mentioned here.

Energy condition: The energy certificate must be presented at the latest during an inspection, otherwise penalties may be imposed. It is therefore advisable to play your cards close to your chest. This creates trust. Results on energy consumption can already be clearly mentioned in the exposé.

Year of construction: The year of construction is also of great interest to a potential buyer. In this context, any modernisation measures should also be mentioned in the exposé.

Selling price: In addition to the relevant key data and all the arguments for buying the property, the asking price should of course also be included in the exposé. The exception is a bidding procedure in which a minimum bid is deliberately not specified. Here, explicit reference should be made to the method of selling the property.

Photos of the property: A professional exposé is rounded off by high-class pictures of the property. Ideally, the selected motifs substantiate promises from the text on the one hand, while conveying an inviting feeling on the other.

Special features: Are there things that still need to be said and do not fit with the points listed above? Of course, everything that speaks for the property should be mentioned. Building features could be among them. Does your property have a pool and/or sauna? This should also be mentioned in the exposé.

Now it's time to advertise!

With a great exposé, a good advertisement writes itself. All the documents are there: beautiful pictures, all the important data and the well-considered price. Depending on which online portals or newspapers are used, there are different requirements for a proper advertisement. But now you can fill them easily!

The most critical thing when advertising is the choice of channels. Online portals are definitely the most important today; property sections in regional newspapers are also a good place to start. In addition, word-of-mouth should be approached in the wider circle of friends and acquaintances.

The be-all and end-all is that you reach exactly those people with your marketing who might be interested in your real estate offer with as little scattering loss as possible.

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