Lush-style bath bombs

Do you want to dive into a nice relaxing bath with aromas? It's a good thing because today I'm going to present you two homemade bath cosmetic recipes that you can easily reproduce at home. And moreover, for DIY lovers, these are great gift ideas for the holidays (Christmas, birthdays, Mother's Day...).


These are recipes for effervescent bath salts and bombs (effervescent bath balls) in the style of the famous Lush brand bath bombs. The advantages of homemade products are well known: lower costs, safe ingredients and of course the pleasure of making a gift with your own hands.


You can make these products for cocooning fans, use them to treat yourself on long winter evenings (provided the kids are asleep!), or slip them into the kids' bath for a colourful and fun moment.


I guarantee that girls (and maybe even guys 🙂 ) of all ages will fall for these relaxing and fun little treats.


And here is also a selection of homemade gifts that I prepared for my Little Gabchou box in December and that you too can make at home (don't forget to have a look at the tuto of my hot chocolate balls).



The recipes I used were adapted according to my desires and the needs of my child. You can, of course, do the same at home 😉


If you are a beginner in homemade cosmetics, I advise you to read carefully these emlpoi precautions before you start making your own 😉


Ingredients for the effervescent bath salts:

350g Epsom salts

250g edible baking soda

125g citric acid (food/cosmetic)

15-20 drops of child-friendly essential oil* (or other, but adjust quantities according to manufacturer's directions).

*I used yellow mandarin essential oil which is not harmful to children. It is especially known for its calming effect and children love its sweet smell. If you don't have any at home, you can replace it with real lavender essential oil, which is also recommended for relaxation and calm sleep. Before starting the recipe, read carefully the manufacturers' precautions concerning the use of essential oils for children.


For a better hold of the bath salts, let them dry completely before putting them in a container.



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